Feeling a soft buckskin Buckskin close up Hand stretching a buckskin Scraping a hide membrane with a flint tool Staking a deer hide

Hideworking 2 Day Intensive Workshop

The Hideworking 2 day Intensive Workshop aims to equip you with the skills to naturally tan hides to make rawhide, furs and pelts, bark tan leather and buckskin.  Everyone who attends will work on their own hide with the intention of leaving with an amazingly soft, smoky buckskin each.

Buckskin is an amazing material - tough but soft, virtually windproof but breathable, durable but flexible, stretching as you move.  Worn by native peoples all over the world at one time or another it was the material of choice for clothing, footwear and equipment on the wild frontier for miners, workers, trappers, mountain men and all outdoors folk in the know.  Rustle free, good protection against thorns and masking the human scent, it's ideal for hunting clothing too!

Please be aware that producing buckskin is physically hard, sometimes messy work, however the end result is truly worth it.

This workshop is currently only available as a private two day workshop - please enquire.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is one of our wilderness crafts workshops and is therefore a self catering course. Please bring enough lunch and main meals for the duration as the base camp is quite remote and re-supply is a bit of a mission. Breakfast is provided and hot drinks, fruit and snacks are available all day. You will have full use of our kitchen and cooking equipment and your food will be stored securely in waterproof containers or a cool box provided by us. Personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.


Hideworking 2 Day Intensive Workshop

Hideworking 2 Day

2 Days

14-Jun-2019 to 16-Jun-2019

Start 19.00

Finish 17.00

£195 per person

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