Hand made leather bag A three legged log stool Take down wooden bucksaw Making a bark foraging bag An ember using the fire bow Carving a spoon Willow fish trap

Short Day Courses

I'll be running a series of short, one day workshops during the summer months, some mid-week dates and a few weekends starting at £55.

Time is precious and in the current financial climate, investing in a longer course isn't always an option.  The idea of these short workshops is to keep the cost down to the individual but also serve as an excellent introduction to bushcraft, wilderness living skills and crafts without the commitment of signing up to a longer course.

The short one day workshops will require a minimum number of four people to go ahead, maximum numbers vary depending on content but places will be limited.

The first step is to register your interest for a particular workshop (see list of dates below).  As soon as the minimum number is reached I'll get back to you to confirm and send over booking details.

Minimum ages will also vary (please ask before booking) but under 18's must always be accompanied by an adult.

Cost per person starts at £55.  Almost all workshops are inclusive of materials (as we work with mainly natural resources from the surrounding woodlands) but a handful will use bought in materials which will come with an additional cost, hence the higher price per head for those workshops.

All tools, equipment and hot drinks are provided but you must bring your own food for the day.

Bespoke dates and subjects are always considered, just ask and I'll see if I can fit it in! 

These workshops have already run but we can always run them again if you have a group of 4 or more:

Spoon carving – learn the most universally important carving grips and techniques and go home with your own hand carved wooden spoon. £55

Make your own 3 legged log stool - using basic green woodworking techniques and tools such as the axe, knife, saw and a brace & bit you’ll carve your own rustic stool to take home. £55

Leather bag in a day – learn how to make a simple and rustic leather haversack or duffle bag using a thong stitch (I use these hardy kit carriers to contain all my essential items needed for a day out in the woods). £90

Wild food and resources walk - an incredibly interesting bimble through the Wiltshire woodlands and downlands looking at natural resources we can use for food, medicine, tools and fire lighting.  We'll finish the day off with a fire lighting session using materials gathered during the walk.

Bow drill master class - This method of fire by friction epitomises bushcraft; the perfect coming together of knowledge, technique, skill and determination.  Learn how to make your own set and create fire from it.

Making a bark foraging bag or arrow quiver - you'll harvest the bark, stitch and join it together, stitch in a robust rim and add a strap, everything made from natural materials.

Make your own take down wooden bucksaw - these are made from planed, seasoned oak, joints will be proper mortice and tenon, blade is a 24" bahco with raker teeth.

Making an atlatl and dart – the ultimate mammoth harvesting hunting weapon! Your dart will be made using the same techniques as used for making primitive style arrows but with an elder wood sleeve to accept a detachable wooden head for training throws. £55

Weaving a willow fish trap, fitched open mesh design - examples of this highly effective type of trap have been found buried in silt dating back thousands of years! £65

Primitive traps & trapping – learn all about the principles of trapping and how to make several types of improvised trap (no animals harmed, just practice). £55

Short Day Courses

Short Day Courses

1 day

Start 09.30

Finish 16.00

£55+ per person

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