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Living Wild

This is a no nonsense minimalist wilderness living training course which also serves as the perfect opportunity to experience the Hunter Gatherer Challenge format with guidance. Definitely NOT a tea break and biscuits kind of course, lessons will be learned through doing. 

Right from the off, we’ll be completely focussed on using the bare minimum of equipment to achieve our aim. All course participants will only carry a stripped down basic kit - just a knife, folding saw, fire steel, cooking pot, a length of paracord, a cloth bag to filter water, a water bottle, a head torch and a wool blanket.

Nature will provide everything else we need.  Working with the guidance of instructors you will build your shelter from wood and a bed from leaves, learn how to light your fire with sparks and natural tinders and prepare your food so that by nightfall on day one, you'll have protection, warmth and the chance to refuel before day two.

Over the remaining three days you will learn... 
How to feed  yourself from the wild - we’ll get out on the land gathering wild foods to supplement our basic rations. As we’ll be using wild foods daily this will be gathering for sustenance rather than fine dining however, when you’re living the good life, flavours are important!

How to process large game in the woods - we’ll skin and butcher a deer in groups of four, cook some of the resulting meat over the fire and dry smoke the remainder as campfire jerky. You will learn all about the different by products of deer butchery – preserving and processing the hide, using the sinew, tendons and bones to make tools and weapons later during the course.

How to make fire by friction - you’ll make your own bow drill set from native woods and create fire from it.  Learning to light fire by rubbing sticks together takes the craft of fire lighting back to it's most basic, encouraging the practitioner to pay close attention to the tiniest detail in order to achieve success. In doing so, you'll truly understand how fire works and what NEEDS to be done when you really need it.

Where to find water and make it safe to drink

How to gather  bark, roots and plant fibres for making cordage and other camp crafts.

Trap building  and making improvised hunting weapons and fishing equipment

Camp crafts and improving your situation will be an ever present theme. Whether it’s making improvements to your shelter, plumping up your leaf mattress, carving an adjustable hanger for your billy can or just improvising a chair, our goal will be to survive in style! 

There’ll be something for everyone too whether you’re new to survival & bushcraft training or you’ve been around the block a bit and just want the opportunity to improve your current skill level.

Your learning will feel organic as we’ll be using the knowledge daily, fully immersed in the experience of living wild.  This course is survival & bushcraft training 'in the raw' therefore there will be some hard graft involved.  We certainly won't be going out for morning runs but you will need to have a good level of physical fitness to take part as well as being mentally resilient and up for a challenge.

Living Wild

Living Wild 4 Days

4 Days

09-Sep-2019 to 13-Sep-2019

Start 09.00

Finish 10.00


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