Bowdrill success - fire! Deer leg hold platform snare An ember from the bowdrill method of making fire Baited bird snare Figure 4 deadfall trap

Fire Craft, Traps & Triggers

Although this workshop can be attended as a standalone course, it has also been designed as a follow on from the popular Bushcraft Weekend. So if you’ve attended our introductory two day course in the past and found yourself thinking “where do I go from here”, the answer lies ahead...

This workshop aims to build on previous experiences and knowledge gained, focussing mainly on fire by friction, traps and trapping. We’ll cover friction fire lighting in detail with time set aside for everyone to make their own working bow drill set.

Trapping can be a controversial subject but learning how to craft a working trap from only what can be found in the woods is a fascinating one. You’ll learn how to make several types of improvised trap (these will be made for training purposes only and not set to catch live game although we will also include some wild game preparation and campfire cooking with seasonal foraging as an ever present theme).

During this course you will learn and gain practical experience in...

  • Safe use of tools, belt knife and folding saw
  • Fire by friction - bow drill master class (wood selection, tinder choices, making your own set, getting it to work, trouble shooting)
  • Alternative friction fire methods - hand drill, fire saw and plough
  • Principles of trapping
  • Constructing several improvised traps using natural materials
  • Wild game preparation and cooking

Arrival and set up 7pm on the Friday evening. We'll finish around 3pm on the Sunday.

Fire Craft, Traps & Triggers

Fire, Traps & Triggers

2 days

19-Oct-2018 to 21-Oct-2018

Start 19.00

Finish 15.00

£225 per person

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