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The Hunter Gatherer Challenge

A four day culmination of your knowledge and skills, this is where all that training and practice are truly tested.  The most important lessons in life are definitely learned the hard way and this challenge is designed to be tough. 

For starters, you must already be capable of providing all of your basic needs - shelter, fire, water and food with relative ease, completely alone, without guidance and with virtually no equipment making maximum use of the natural resources surrounding you.  A pretty tough challenge by itself however, far from just hunkering down in your woodland shelter until the end of the course, you will be expected to look to the long term by using what you have at your disposal (plenty of natural resources, wild foods to forage, accumulated knowledge and a big slice of initiative) to manufacture a projectile hunting weapon, improve your general situation and increase your level of comfort once the basics have been taken care of. 

Thus providing the perfect opportunity to test theories, have questions answered and see what you are really capable of in a realistic, short and longer term 'living from the land' scenario. 

After a detailed safety brief on the evening of your arrival, your challenge will begin in earnest at first light the following morning. 

Once you have navigated your way to the challenge woodland, you can begin taking care of your requirements for the next four days.  So speed is of the essence as well as a well thought out game plan.

During the challenge you should expect to experience hunger, tiredness, thirst, excitement, cold, heightened awareness, total focus and concentration, increased adaptability, renewed self confidence in your abilities and immense satisfaction.  Your progress will be monitored and observed throughout and although ultimately only you will truly be able to gauge your performance, feedback will be given where required.  Whilst this course is designed as a test of your skills, instructors will be on hand to offer support and suggest strategies if required.

Kit for the challenge must consist of ONLY....

  • A small quantity of wild meat on day one to be butchered and made into jerky (supplied – this should be viewed as a ‘loan’. By way of repaying the debt you must make an improvised projectile hunting weapon to take part in a shooting competition on the morning of your last full day living from the land)
  • 3 metres of strong cord (supplied)
  • One cloth bag for filtering water (supplied)
  • One metal cooking pot
  • Your bushcraft knife
  • Your folding saw
  • The clothes you stand up in.  These must be natural fibres only – no Goretex outerwear or synthetic/down filled clothing (there is logic behind this – we’re not just being mean).  We recommend a tightly woven cotton shell over several wool base layers. 

You may also take a small back up kit consisting of a personal first aid kit, mobile phone plus reliable method of re-charging, a pocket sharpening kit, a journal and pencil and a head torch.

Standard overnight camping kit is also required for the first night in camp plus a full change of clothing and wash kit (this will be kept safe at base camp for the duration of the challenge)

Who can attend the Hunter Gatherer Challenge?

There's no disguising the fact that the Hunter Gatherer Challenge will provide an extreme test of skills as well as a valuable and unforgettable experience suitable for only the most committed bushcraft and wilderness living enthusiast.  A high level of competence, knowledge, experience and equal measures of grit and determination are required to take part.  Our Wilderness Awakening course will provide all the necessary basic training needed however practice makes perfect and challenge attendees should endeavour to undertake their own additional continuation training prior to arrival.

We also realise that there are other bushcraft and survival training providers out there, as well as many self taught enthusiasts resulting in plenty of different ways of arriving at the same point. This challenge is open to all-comers but we’re keen for those who attend to have reached the required standard to avoid any disappointment.

Before booking please contact to discuss your current level of ability and a suitable training program if needed. Ultimately you must decide whether you have the practical skill needed to attend. It’s important to realise that while instructors will be in attendance, there will be no instruction given during this challenge. It’s essentially  'pass or fail' depending on your ability. If you can’t cut the mustard or feel at anytime that you can’t complete the challenge, an instructor will take you back to camp to clean up and for you… the challenge will be over!

If you like the sound of this exciting and unique challenge but are unsure about the required level of previous experience please feel free to contact Joe for a chat at or 0771 8078619

This course does not run every year, please email to register your interest.


The Hunter Gatherer Challenge

Hunter Gatherer

5 days

30-Sep-2018 to 05-Oct-2018

Start 19.00

Finish 11.00

£325 per person

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