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Enjoying the campfire

The smell of woodsmoke stirs something deep inside most people. It's not all that long ago that this smell was part of every day life.

Our 21st century life gives us warmth and light at the flick of a switch, shelter, most of us food whenever we want it, water with the turn of a tap and travel without getting sore feet yet so many people are drawn to wild places despite these comforts.

It seems that we can't get the wilderness out of our systems!
When we explore these wild places we are only visitors, we carry small lightweight versions of our comfortable lives with us on our backs.

Without these knick-knacks life in the wilds would seem harsh, maybe even impossible yet not so long ago our beds, shelter, food and water came from the wilds itself.

The knowledge is still within all of us but it's well buried and not always available when we need it.

On our courses we strip everything right back to basics.

We mix up-to-date training and knowledge with realistic and achievable skills from our past.

You will spend time learning about movement and navigation through the wilderness, which kit is best, how to safely light a fire in all weathers but also how to light a fire without any modern equipment, build a warm, waterproof shelter from natural materials, make comfortable bedding, find food and water, even craft containers, utensils, tools and clothing using ancient skills.

If you love to spend time in the outdoors or have a yearning to travel to wilder places then time spent rekindling these skills will increase your confidence and teach you not to rely just on equipment or other people for your comfort, enjoyment and safety.

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The Wilderness Survival Guide Book By Joe OLeary

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Written in clear, easy-to follow text, The Wilderness Survival Guide focuses on the realities of using wilderness survival techniques not just in a genuine "survival situation" but also to enhance any outdoor experience, from a hike in the country to camping in the wild.

A good read, written by someone who loves the woods

Amazon review, 1st Feb 2013

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