Andy Noble - guest instructor

Andy has always had a keen interest in the great outdoors.

Growing up in rural Hampshire, with the local countryside, farmland and woodlands as his playground, firmly laid the foundations for a lifelong interest in bushcraft and by the time Andy was in his late teens he had started to develop a more serious interest in wilderness living skills.

Andy Noble

Bushcraft training

Fascinated by the endless number of tributaries connected to the subject of bushcraft, Andy began to formalise his interests in this area and increase his knowledge further still by spending several years training with some of the leading bushcraft practitioners and instructors throughout the UK.

His training has taken him all over the wilder parts of the UK including isolated and remote parts of Scotland and Wales and throughout England's National Parks.

Andy has also spent time in Sweden both during the Spring and Summer paddling canoes on the lakes of Värmland and also dog sledding on the frozen lakes and forests in Norrbotten, inside the Arctic circle, during the Winter months.

Here he learnt Scandinavian wilderness living techniques and crafts particular to these areas but still very transferable to the UK.

The craft in bushcraft

Andy particularly enjoys the craft element of bushcraft and can often be found carving, whittling, and weaving a new project, sometimes even buzzing around the campfire experimenting with an ambitious addition to the woodland menu.

He's at his happiest guiding and helping others to develop their own skills, especially his own two young children.

Andy holds an NCFE Level 3 in Woodland Crafts, the Institute of Outdoor Learning Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate, First Aid at Work and Wilderness Advanced Emergency First Aid certificates and Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate.