Antony Whitlock - Guest Instructor

Antony's love for the outdoors began at an early age; he feels that Grizzly Adams and Robin of Sherwood have got a lot to answer for.

While most of his school-friends sat indoors with their Spectrum 48k's, he preferred to roam the countryside, being far happier outdoors than inside.

On leaving school he almost went into forestry but went and did a Fine Art degree instead, drawing inspiration for his paintings from the hills and woodlands (in addition to dogs, action-men and shopping trolleys).

He subsequently taught art for a year before working with an outdoor education charity.

Realising that he wanted to connect with the countryside rather than just use it as a playground he decided to formalise his interest in bushcraft by studying for a year with John Rhyder from The Woodcraft School, gaining an accredited Buschcraft Leadership certificate.

Since then he has shared his passion for bushcraft with a variety of client groups, primary schoolchildren on forest-school programmes, teenagers with challenging behaviour and adults in corporate activity sessons.

Primitive technologies

Acknowledging that the term 'bushcraft' encompasses many lifetimes' worth of knowledge and experience he endeavours to develop his own skills-base, particularly in the primitive technologies; this led him to study for a Masters degree in Experimental Archaeology specialising in flintknapping subsequently spending several years as a valued team member in the Exeter University Experimental Archaeology research department.

He was recently filmed by an American TV company making fire with flint, iron pyrites and horse's hoof fungus, so may well turn up on an obscure cable TV channel in about ten years time.

Antony Whitlock

Special skill

arranging firewood into very neat piles.