Sam Gravestock - assistant instructor

The son of a Bedfordshire farmer and grandson of a keen outdoorsman Sam learnt the joys of being outdoors from a young age, fishing and roaming his dad's farmland. He distinctly remembers being gifted his first knife by his Grandad at 7 years old with the warning not to tell his parents, make sure he cut away from himself and that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Whilst the knife is long gone the advice remains with him to this day.

Like many he joined the scout movement travelling the UK and Europe with them always enjoying the campfire cooking and the backwoods living areas the most.

Sam Gravestock

Since the year 2000, Sam has studied at several well-known bushcraft schools within the UK and along the way has accrued a vast amount of knowledge. This coupled with his own training, practical application and a very understanding wife led him to test himself on the Hunter Gatherer Challenge here in 2014. He subsequently went on to work his way through every single course and workshop in the Wilderness Survival Skills course program culminating in a second Hunter Gatherer Challenge in the autumn of 2017, where he achieved the impressive accolade of actually putting on weight whilst living from the land for a week!

A firm believer in getting out there without needing to have the flashiest latest must have gizmo Sam draws a lot of his ideas and inspiration from outdoorsmen of the past such as the long hunters or mountain men of America, country folk and traditions of the UK and indigenous people across the globe.

He enjoys capturing the moments around camp and in the woods in photographic form. One day he might even purchase a camera rather than using the one on his phone.

Special skill

Brewing coffee strong enough to waken a comatose elephant.