Course Kit List

Clothing worn during courses should be tough, fast drying and comfortable to work in:  

 Layering up will give you more options depending on weather conditions.

Your spare layers must include a cosy, warm top in reserve as well as a warm hat (plus warm gloves and scarf in colder conditions).

Footwear and socks should be comfortable to wear all day and able to easily cope with potentially damp and muddy areas of ground.

Please bring a rucksack to carry everything you need and ensure that all your spare clothing and kit is effectively waterproofed within your rucksack especially expensive items such as cameras or mobile phones.

Essential kit to bring on all courses:

  • Weatherproof jacket with hood.
  • Water bottle (a 1 litre mineral water bottle is fine).
  • Unbreakable mug, bowl, spoon (plastic or metal).
  • Working gloves (gardening type, preferably leather) are useful on almost all of our courses.
  • Notebook and pen.
  • A head torch is handy for close up work in low light conditions, even if you're only attending a day course or craft workshop.
  • Any personal medication required.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sun cream (ever hopeful!).
  • Your own hand gel or anti-bacterial wipes (although hand wash facilities are available).
  • Your own lunch and snacks on all self catered day workshops.
  • Waterproof trousers aren't essential as we're working in the woods rather than out in the open but bring them if you have them.    

Please note:  All the tools required for your course will be provided but you'd be welcome to bring your own along to use instead as long as they're properly marked as yours to avoid confusion and relevant to the course schedule.  Please don't bring a folding knife to use as your main cutting tool.

If your course or workshop requires you to camp over in the woods, you will also need...

  • A cooking pot for using over the campfire.
  • Head torch and spare batteries.
  • Personal toiletries, small wash kit and towel (eco-friendly soap products are appreciated).
  • Sleeping bag (check the season rating for suitability) in a waterproof dry bag or two bin liners.
  • A wool blanket will be required for any course that includes sleeping in a natural shelter you've built yourself (also useful if you're worried about the warmth of your sleeping bag!)
  • Insulated sleeping mat.
  • A small tent or lightweight shelter tarp.
  • Full spare set of clothing.  This should be kept in a waterproof dry bag or two bin liners and can be left in your vehicle if you like.
  • Food for the duration if your workshop is self-catered.  Cool boxes are available at camp for storing fresh food (please bring individually bagged).
  • A smaller rucksack or haversack is useful for carrying  your essentials during the day (waterproof jacket, warm top and hat, working gloves, water bottle, any meds. or snacks).

Please check your course joining instructions (emailed to you eight weeks before a course) for any 'course specific' kit items not listed here.

If you have any questions please email or call 0771 8078619