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Winter Survival & Bushcraft Weekend

This winter bushcraft and survival course is designed to be a slightly more challenging learning experience than the summer wilderness survival skills courses.

Camping out in colder conditions is always a challenge but going without a tent, sleeping bag and stove requires a real understanding of survival priorities and a good knowledge of how to provide these essentials for life, using what nature provides.

The aim for this weekend is to focus on these and more essential bushcraft and survival techniques allowing for cold weather and minimal kit. Training during the colder months, with fewer day light hours and lower night time temperatures means that your learning will be more relevant and ultimately more useful.

Arrival on Friday morning begins with a brew and briefing. The rest of the day will be spent learning how to use sharp bushcraft tools safely and efficiently, how to build a warm, winter shelter using only natural materials complete with bed and ‘central heating’, how to light fire in cold, damp conditions focussing on survival fire lighting methods (no matches), how to find and sterilize water, how to prepare and cook wild game and exploring any winter foraging opportunities available. The training will most likely continue into the evening and your first night will be under canvas using your standard bushcraft or winter camping kit.

Saturday morning heralds the beginning of your winter bushcraft and survival challenge.

Leaving your standard winter kit back at base camp for safe keeping, for the challenge you will be allowed only one wool blanket, a small knife and folding saw, a Swedish fire steel, one cooking pot, a non-metal cup, a head torch and a couple of important safety items.

You will also be given some basic rations including a small quantity of wild game. Working in pairs, small groups or even solo (for the most experienced and intrepid course members), by last light you MUST have built an effective shelter and bed entirely from natural materials, made fire to cook on and keep warm by, prepared and cooked up an evening meal including any wild foraged foods before bedding down for the night.

There’s no point trying to gloss over the fact that it’ll be hard work, but with the right attitude and motivation there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be anything other than toasty warm and well fed. Sunday will round up with a detailed de-brief over a healthy brunch!

This course starts Friday morning at 9am and finishes on Sunday at midday.

Are you looking for a testing winter survival challenge? Take a look at the Winter 48hr Bushcraft Challenge.

Winter Survival & Bushcraft Weekend

Winter Survival Weekend

3 days

29-Jan-2021 to 31-Jan-2021

Start 09.00

Finish 12.00


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