Overnight shelter Wild Food Birch bark makes excellent tinder Billycan over campfire A selection of improvised fishing hooks Shelter in the woods Demonstrating a survival trap One man shelter with campfire Willow baskets in action during a wild food & foraging day Maintaining a sharp edge After dark in the shelter Wild food walk in the morning Making feathersticks Deer leg-hold platform trap Bark shelter in the woods Rope made from willow bark Fire! Foraging wild garlic mustard Emergency shelter Ponassed fish cooking by the campfire Using stinging nettle stalk fibres as strong cord Survival trapping demonstration Chicken of the woods A home from home Feathersticks Gathering fir needles for wild tea on our Bushcraft course Campfire billycan Life in a lean-to shelter Firelighting with birch bark and sparks A one person A-frame shelter

Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft 2 day course

"As I wipe my bloody hands on a patch of grass, I reflect on how dull, by comparison, a spa weekend would have been. Who wants a pedicure when you can flense a rabbit, instead?"
Caitlin Moran, The Times

This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to wilderness survival skills and bushcraft techniques. You'll cram as much quality instruction and outdoor experience as possible into your two days out in the woods and by last light you'll be ready to bed down in your own leaf litter shelter, warmed by a fire you've lit yourself, eating a meal you’ve prepared and cooked in the woods.

You might even be carving something useful or making string from plant fibres by the light of the fire. 

If you like the idea of travelling light in the great outdoors and making the most of any natural resource you may find or feel that a grounding in survival and wilderness living would be the best way to be equipped for travel through wild places, then read on...

Over your two days you will receive instruction and practical experience in:

  • A strategy for survival
  • Being prepared – choosing and packing sensible survival equipment
  • Building survival shelters
  • Lighting fires in all weathers using survival and improvised equipment
  • Safety with back country cutting tools
  • Wild plant identification for food and medicine
  • Natural bindings and cordage
  • Cooking over a campfire with minimal or improvised equipment
  • Finding water and making it safe to drink
  • Survival trapping, theory only
  • Preparing and cooking wild game
  • Efficient use and correct maintenance of cutting tools

Come prepared to be showered with invaluable information, introduced to some life saving skills, work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time!

This course can be booked as private training for groups of two or more people or even as a team building exercise. Please get in touch to choose your own date



Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft 2 day course

Survival & Bushcraft 2 Day

2 days

Start 0900

Finish 1700

£255 per person

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