Weaving a hedgerow basket Weaving a hedgerow basket Splitting willow into three ribbons using a boxwood cleave Weaving a hedgerow basket Hedgerow basket group Willow foraging baskets Freshly finished foraging basket off to be filled with fungi!

Foraging Basket Workshop

Come and spend a day in our woodland workshop, learning how to weave a traditional frame basket using hazel, willow and an assortment of hedgerow weaving materials.  

This workshop will be taught by guest instructor Manda Rayner.

These frame baskets are fantastic for foraging wild foods. The woven structure allows your hedgerow harvest to breathe and the rigid frame offers protection as you roam through the woods.  Once you’ve mastered this particular basket you’ll realise that many different materials can be used in addition to traditional willow.

We’ve seen them made with clematis vine, honeysuckle, ivy, brambles, split hazel and even roots from coniferous trees meaning that you should be able to quickly knock up a useful basket from local materials in most outdoor environments you visit.

All tools, materials and hot drinks are provided but you must bring your own food for the day.

Arrival 9am sharp on the Sunday morning. We'll finish around 5pm.






A Week In The Woods?

In 2021 the Foraging Basket Workshop is followed immediately by the Wild Food & Foraging Day Course.  Although standalone courses, there is the option of attending both in the same weekend, meaning that you'd weave your own foraging basket on the Saturday and then fill it with wild foods on the Sunday!

Additionally, the Carving 3 Day Masterclass and the 2 day Bark Bags & Containers Workshop will be leading into both of the above courses, giving you the option of combining all four courses to make a full week of traditional crafts and wild food.  This crafty course combo all comes at a total discounted price of £595!

Foraging Basket Workshop

Foraging Basket Workshop

1 day

24-Apr-2021 to 24-Apr-2021

Start 09.00

Finish 17.00


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