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Three Legged Log Stool Workshop

Three Legged Log Stool Workshop

During this one day workshop, you’ll learn how to harvest green and seasoned timber using axe and saw. Your project by the end of the day will be a simple three legged stool, the sturdy seat being carved from a half log, drilled out by hand using a brace and bit and then having three tapered legs fitted using seasoned wood, shaped and carved by drawknife then securely held in place using hard wood wedges to splay the leg tenon in it’s round hole.

Along the way, you’ll learn safe use of the axe for splitting, chopping and carving as well as several other sharp tools such as the draw knife. The method used to fit the tapered legs to the seat is well known by traditional chair makers and one that can also be applied to other woodland carpentry projects.

If you’ve attended a course or workshop here before, chances are you may well have sat on one of several stools made in exactly the same way, from birch, hazel and ash, that have lived out in the woods here for nearly a decade, polished smooth by hundreds of happy bottoms! This is a piece of woodland furniture you’ll have for many years to come.

If you are attending the Shavehorse 3 Day Workshop on the Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday you would be welcome to camp over in the woods.

This workshop is one in a selection of mid-week workshops running as part of the 2020/21 course program focussing on some of the most useful advanced wilderness living, self-reliance and traditional crafts – lighting fire by friction, woodworking and leather working. All the workshops are designed to send you home not just with a new skill but also an extremely useful piece of equipment or kit, handmade entirely by you!   

Places will be limited to five or six depending on the subject, giving these small workshops more exclusivity than many of the busier courses.  All tools, materials and hot drinks are provided however, please bring your own lunch and snacks.  Arrival 9am each morning and we'll finish around 5pm.

They can also be booked as private workshops so if the advertised date doesn’t suit you, get in touch to choose your own. Many other crafts, wilderness living and survival skills can also be covered during a private course.

Three Legged Log Stool Workshop

Three Legged Stool Workshop

1 Day

11-Sep-2020 to 11-Sep-2020

Start 09.00

Finish 17.00


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