Willow pack basket used to carry craft tools A children's willow pack basket Willow pack baskets made by students Willow pack basket in use on a woodsy walk Willow pack basket with buckskin and bark tan shoulder straps Collecting firewood Willow pack basket in the hazel coppice Leather strap detail Woven willow pack basket Willow pack basket on a family walk Willow pack basket with contents Willow pack basket with bark tan and buckskin back system Willow pack basket Woven willow pack basket with leather straps

Willow Pack Basket Workshop

A new weekend workshop in the woods learning how to weave willow into a robust but beautiful back pack.

These willow pack baskets are incredibly strong for their weight, long lasting and full of rustic charm. Their woven construction combined with the springy nature of willow means that they’re just as suited to carrying delicate foraged foods as they are to hauling fire wood and kindling (although maybe not at the same time…).

The techniques taught during the workshop are easily transferable to other basketry projects giving weaving beginners an excellent grounding in the craft. For those looking to develop their basketry experience, this is a project you can really get your teeth into!

We’ll be using willow grown locally in willow beds, but from a bushcraft and historical perspective, this is a material that can also be harvested from the wild. Other similarly strong but bendy plants such as hazel, bramble, bark, roots, rushes and steamed or pounded wooden strips have all been used to make pack baskets of all shapes and sizes.     

Strong but flexible leather will be provided to make shoulder straps so that by the time we finish on the Sunday, you’ll be able to stroll out of the woods proudly wearing your new pack basket. Film offers and modelling contracts are sure to follow…please make sure you give us a mention!

This exciting new workshop will be run jointly by myself and Manda Rayner of Wyldwood Willow who is now in her 20th year of running basketry courses and selling all kinds of beautiful woven willow products.

Each working day will begin at 9am sharp and we’ll down tools at 5pm daily (although please be prepared to work on a little bit later if needed).

All tools, materials and hot drinks are provided however, as all craft workshops are self-catered, please bring your own food for the duration. Our woodland kitchen has plenty of robust pots and pans for cooking over the campfire, as well as cool boxes and secure containers to store your food. You would be welcome to bring a small camping stove to speed up mealtimes, however small, personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.

If you wish to stay locally, the nearest villages to our location are Tisbury, Hindon & Chicklade. If you would like to camp over in the woods, please mention this when you book.

This workshop can also be booked as a private training course so if the advertised date doesn’t suit you, get in touch to choose your own. Many other crafts, wilderness living and survival skills taught here can also be covered during a private course.

This workshop has been combined with the Leather Bag Workshop for 2021.  Both can still be booked as standalone workshops but they do go very well together!

Willow Pack Basket Workshop

Willow Pack Basket Workshop

2 Days

29-May-2021 to 30-Mar-2021

Start 09.00

Finish 17.00


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