Crafts you'll make on the 5 day Bush Crafts Workshop Tough bark foraging bag made from Western Hemlock Beautiful hand carved spoons Basket weaving A hand carved spoon and tools A bark foraging bag Carving a spoon Finished crafts on the bark workshop Spoon marked out and cranked using an axe Hedgerow basket group Carving a spoon Weaving a hedgerow basket

Bush Crafts 5 Day Workshop

This five day workshop groups together three of the most important woodland crafts – bark work, carving and basketry.  Each subject is available to attend as an individual workshop (see costs and dates below) or as a continuous five day craft course starting at 9am on Wednesday 19th August and finishing around 5pm Sunday 23rd August.

If booking all three workshops to attend as one continuous course, the overall cost is discounted.

Bark Boxes, Bags & Containers Workshop

19th & 20th August 2020

£195 to attend as a standalone workshop.

This first two day workshop aims to show you how to harvest, fold, cut and stitch bark to make a large bark bag or quiver with stitched rim and plaited strap, plus several smaller tubs using stitched and tabs construction.

There are many species of tree that will happily give up their bark if the time is right.  If you’ve chosen a good tree, at the right time of year it virtually pops off the wood with very little effort.  We use the remaining wood for carving bows, cups, bowls, spoons and all sorts of useful furniture and equipment around camp so really the bark can be viewed as a useful by-product of wood harvesting in the spring.  Some bark is relatively thick but can be made flexible and shaped while damp to produce hardy containers and bags with a tough wood-like quality once dry – perfect as a quiver for holding and protecting arrows!

Other barks are thinner and more malleable from the outset allowing smaller, more intricate containers to be made.  Carefully chosen and properly worked, bark is waterproof therefore making containers that bridge the gap between lightweight, woven but not very waterproof containers and pottery – capable of holding water but heavy and fragile to transport.  Bark containers that are able to hold water have even been used to cook in historically, using heated rocks from the fire to boil the water from inside.

Whilst some barks can be cut in a certain way to be joined, others will need to be stitched, glued or pinned meaning that during the weekend you’ll also learn about natural cordage from plant fibres, green stems and flexible roots, plaiting straps, natural glues found in the woods and carving techniques to make lids and rims from green, seasoned and steamed wood.

The ability to craft such useful containers quickly using only locally found, natural materials is an essential bushcraft skill.  From a crafts perspective, bark is a fantastic material to work with.

Made from several layers, each with their own texture and shades, your containers can be both practical and beautiful!

Carving Spoons & Spatulas

21st & 22nd August 2020

£195 to attend as a standalone workshop.

This two day workshop covers carving techniques and safe tool use, aiming to send you home with your own hand carved wooden spoon, spatula, butter spreader and mallet.

Why carve a spoon? Aside from the obvious need for a tool to transport food from pot or plate to mouth, carving a spoon teaches us about wood types and the different qualities they have.

It teaches us how to harvest, split and season wood and a whole host of the most universally important carving grips and techniques that will enable you to successfully carve round timber using just hand tools. These carving skills are essential to anyone who uses sharp tools in the great outdoors and especially if you have an interest in slimming down on heavy carried kit by improvising certain items of equipment from green and seasoned wood found on site. 

The principles of carving wood safely and efficiently are transferable and scalable meaning that if you can carve an eating spoon or spatula you also know how to carve a replacement paddle!  Additionally, working with hand tools and wood teaches us to plan and think several steps ahead and break down a job into component parts in order to achieve an end goal, as well as developing a keen eye for detail.

Hedgerow Basket Workshop

23rd August 2020

£95 to attend as a standalone workshop.

During this one day weaving workshop, you’ll learn how to weave a traditional frame basket using hazel, willow and an assortment of hedgerow weaving materials.

These frame baskets are fantastic for foraging wild foods. The woven structure allows your hedgerow harvest to breathe and the rigid frame offers protection as you roam through the woods. With mushroom season just around the corner, this could be a timely craft to learn.

Once you’ve mastered this particular basket you’ll realise that many different materials can be used in addition to traditional willow. We’ve seen them made with clematis vine, honeysuckle, ivy, brambles, split hazel and even roots from coniferous trees meaning that you should be able to quickly knock up a useful basket from local materials in most outdoor environments you visit.

Each working day will begin at 9am sharp and we’ll down tools at 5pm daily (although please be prepared to work on a little bit later if needed).

All tools, materials and hot drinks are provided however, as all craft workshops are self-catered, please bring your own food for the duration. Our woodland kitchen has plenty of robust pots and pans for cooking over the campfire, as well as cool boxes and secure containers to store your food. You would be welcome to bring a small camping stove to speed up mealtimes, however small, personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.

If you wish to stay locally, the nearest villages to our location are Tisbury, Hindon & Chicklade. If you would like to camp over in the woods, please mention this when you book.

This workshop can also be booked as a private training course so if the advertised date doesn’t suit you, get in touch to choose your own. Many other crafts, wilderness living and survival skills taught here can also be covered during a private course.

Please email if you would like to book any of the workshops separately.



Bush Crafts 5 Day Workshop

Bush Crafts 5 Day Workshop

5 days

19-Aug-2020 to 23-Aug-2020

Start 09.00

Finish 17.00


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