A hazel burl cup hanging with hazel catkins Serving spoon hand carved from green birch wood A selection of wood crafts made by Joe Birch bark pot with painted bands and hand carved wooden cutlery Marking out a large spoon in birchwood Hand carved hazel burl kuksa cup hand whittled spoon Woodland kuksa cups Kuksa carved by a student fancy a brew? Hand carved birch serving spoon Roughing out a Kuksa Cup with an axe Hollowing out a cup A hand carved spoon and tools Serving spoon carved from blackthorn Beautiful hand carved spoons Hand carving a Kuksa cup A selection of Kuksa cups A students finished serving spoon!

Carving Masterclass - Spoons & Kuksa Cups

This three day workshop covers carving techniques and safe tool use, aiming to send you home with your own hand carved wooden spoon and kuksa (wooden cup).

Your first project will be the spoon.  Aside from the obvious need for a tool to transport food from pot or plate to mouth,  carving a spoon teaches us about wood types and the different qualities they have.

It teaches us how to harvest, split and season wood and a whole host of the most universally important carving grips and techniques that will enable you to successfully carve round timber using just hand tools.

These carving skills are essential to anyone who uses sharp tools in the great outdoors and especially if you have an interest in slimming down on heavy carried kit by improvising certain items of equipment from green and seasoned wood found on site.

The principles of carving wood safely and efficiently are transferable and scalable meaning that if you can carve an eating spoon or spatula, you also know how to carve a replacement paddle!  Additionally, working with hand tools and wood teaches us to plan and think several steps ahead and break down a job into component parts in order to achieve an end goal, as well as developing a keen eye for detail.

Next, you'll be shown how to carve and finish a little wooden cup, drawing inspiration from both Scandinavian and North American folk crafts.  Steeped in tradition, these Kuksa, Kasa or Noggin Cups are traditionally hand carved from a birch burl but can also be carved from a split log.  Well made and properly looked after, 'belt cups' like these would last a lifetime.  

Regional traditions had an influence on design allowing many variations on a theme and plenty of inspiration for modern day carvers, like us.

The axe features heavily during the kuksa phase; we cover tool selection, safety, maintenance of the axe as well as sectioning and splitting larger timber using this versatile and iconic tool.  Roughing out of carving projects safely using the axe is also covered as well as fine knife work and an introduction to wood hollowing tools such as the crooked knife and gouge chisel used in conjunction with green woodworking gadgets made from the surrounding woods.

You will be shown how to seek out interesting features in the wood such as grain pattern, protrusions and spalting discolouration which can add a personal touch to your spoon and cup.  If that's not enough, you will also be shown how to decorate and embellish your work using specialised carving techniques.  Finally we'll seal your finished projects and you'll head home with your personalised creations to treasure with all your heart....until you carve the next ones!

Each working day will begin at 9am and we'll down tools at 5pm daily (although please be prepared to work on a little bit later if needed.)

All tools, materials and hot drinks are provided however, as all craft workshops are self-catered, please bring your own food for the duration.  Our woodland kitchen has plenty of robust pots and pans for cooking over the campfire, as well as cool boxes and secure containers to store your food.  You would be welcome to bring a small camping stove to speed up mealtimes, however small, personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.

If you wish to stay locally, the nearest villages to our location are Tisbury, Hindon and Chicklade.  If you would like to camp over in the woods, please mention this when you book.

This workshop can also be booked as a private training course so if the advertised date doesn't suit you, get in touch to choose your own.  Many other crafts,  wildernesss  living and survival skills taught here can be covered during a private course.







A Week In The Woods?

In 2021 the Carving 3 Day Masterclass is followed immediately by the 2 Day Bark Bags & Containers Workshop, which then leads straight into the 1 Day Foraging Basket Workshop which is already twinned with the Wild Food & Foraging Day Course.  Although all are standalone courses, there is the option of attending all four courses combined to make a crafty combo week of traditional woodland crafts and wild foods at a discounted price of £595!

Carving Masterclass - Spoons & Kuksa Cups

Carving Masterclass

3 Days

19-Apr-2021 to 21-Apr-2021

Start 09.00

Finish 17.00


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