Testimonials for Wilderness Survival Skills and Joe O'Leary

River Cottage

The guys at Wilderness Survival Skills are great, and we always love having them at our River Cottage events. Spending time with them is a fantastic way to learn new outdoor skills and discover more about the living environment around you. You'll be having such a good time you'll barely notice. They are brilliant with children as well as adults - my son Oscar had his 10th birthday party in the woods with his friends, doing bushcraft led by Joe and Glenn, and it was a huge hit - "one of the best days ever" he said. We joined them for a good part of the day and had a pretty fine time ourselves!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Dear Joe,
Just a note to say thank you SO much for putting on such a good show.
We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. When we got back to the house you could tell that everyone felt like they'd achieved something special and there was a great atmosphere. I hope you all have a cracking Christmas and New Year. Please thank the boys for us.

Perry Haydyn Taylor, www.bigfish.co.uk Team Building Event

Mat Follas, 2009 Masterchef winner and restaurateur

"Get to grips with meat" - Mat Follas, 2009 Masterchef winner and restaurateur (The Wild Garlic, Beaminster) recommends our Deer in a Day course in a spring issue of Olive Magazine.
Mat Follas calls tutor Joe O'Leary the UK's unsung wild-food hero.

His course is brilliant. It's all out in the woods. You each get to skin a whole deer then cut it into easy-to-cook joints, as well as prepping venison jerky and burgers to take home

Mat Follas, 2009 Masterchef winner and restaurateur

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Private Tuition

Thanks again to you, Glenn & Antony for an excellent course and you all deserve a huge pat on the back. Even for someone who's been around the bushcraft block a fair bit before, it was a thoroughly worthwhile experience. Those six days learning and living in the woods are something I'll always treasure; somewhere to retreat to in my head when real life is being a bugger. I've therefore only got two gripes with the course; it wasn't long enough and I'll never get to do it again.

Steve, Advanced Wilderness Awakening

Thanks Joe, I had a brilliant time on the course, yourself & Glen did a great job and I'm really appreciative of all the effort you both put in to make it such a special and successful week.

Fiona, Advanced Wilderness Awakening

"Hey Joe,

I just wanted to say thanks for the 1-1 training this week. The course was fantastic! We covered everything I wanted and the whole experience was great. You're a great teacher, and I'd recommend your courses to anyone."

Mike – Private 1-1 Fastpacking Course

Bushcraft Weekend

Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent time on the bushcraft weekend (4-5th April).
I was very impressed with the whole relaxed, nothing is too much trouble attitude from yourself and your fellow instructors Kev & Glen, which made the whole thing very enjoyable and appear as if it was One - to - one instruction.
I really want to visit on another trip so I will keep an eye on your web site for forthcoming trips.

James, Bushcraft Weekend

Joe, just wanted to thank you for the weekend, we both really enjoyed it and look forward to another course in the future.

Karl, Bushcraft Weekend

Hi Joe, the boys had a great time although learnt a valuable lesson in getting the right sleeping bag and thermals! Thanks for making it such a success. They barely moved for two days afterwards so failry shattered

Estelle, Bushcraft Weekend

Hi Joe, just writing to say thanks for a wicked weekend. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do another. I'm going to have a go at making some char cloth tinder today and those cramp balls should be dry by now, may have a play with them too.

Rob, Bushcraft Weekend

Hey Joe
Top weekend, cant wait to put my new skills to practice at Easter – going on holiday with a bunch of mates and their kids so will get them cooking and gutting different animals, lighting fires by rubbing small children together and sleeping under pieces of kitchen towel.
Really enjoyed the weekend and thanks to you all for your hard work and great teaching – won't forget the lessons learned.

Jim, Bushcraft Weekend

Dear Joe, you got there first!! I was going to email and say thank you for such a great weekend. You and Glen are very very good at what you do and more importantly you are both incredibly good at putting people at their ease.
Looking forward to seeing you again sometime.

Emma, Bushcraft Weekend

Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful weekend in Wiltshire. Both Will and I had a great time and I finally got to skin a rabbit whilst reliving the "build your own shelter" fun I had in the Lakes as a nipper! The course was at a great pace and gave a taster of various aspects of bushcraft. I'd definitely recommend the course to anyone who feels increasingly distanced from our heritage in today's sanitised, hi-tech environment.

Stephen, Bushcraft Weekend

Family Bushcraft Course

We really enjoyed our few days and wanted to say thank you for your hospitality and patience with everybody!

David, Family Bushcraft Course

Hello Joe, just a quick email to say a really BIG thank you to you and Glenn. I guess I know how much effort goes in to making stuff look effortless and I truly appreciate it - you both had a wonderful coaching/training style. I learnt so much on the two days and could happily have done a third day.

Julia, Family Bushcraft Course

Bespoke Training Day

Hi Joe, We haven't edited the film yet, but the footage looks great. Thank you very much the course was very helpful, the woodlands were amazing, Antony was really helpful. We're currently planning the island, we'll be going there in a couple of weeks. We will let you know how it goes.

Love Sam and Elin, Bespoke Training Day

Deer In A Day Course

I'd like to take a moment (probably a few by the time I've finished) thank you formally for the amazing course.
Why was it so amazing? well... firstly your friendly banter creates a relaxed, light hearted and enjoyable atmosphere. Also the food was GREAT! I have done a few bushcraft courses with various companies and if I were to compare the quality (and quantity) of food on a scale of ten you would score 10 and the closest would be around 6!
I eat a lot of venison and what you cooked in the pit was fantastic, possibly some of the nicest venison (certainly the nicest Roe) I have had. It is nice to see that you are far from stingy with the serving size. I felt very well fed!
What also adds to your course is that if a relevant topic pops into conversation that would normally be featured in another of your courses you are keen to expand and describe the technique or concept where as others will withhold the information saying it is covered on another course. This adds to the learning experience and I feel adds value to an already good value for money course. An admirable quality.
You also unknowingly fulfilled one of my ambitions by having a flint butchering tool handy. I really wanted to butcher a deer with a flint tool, now that I have, my life is a little bit closer to being fulfilled (yes sorry, I am a simple lad) and unexpected bonus. All I need to do now is to make my own bow, arrows and buckskin suit and harvest a deer using my creations.
You have impressed me greatly with your knowledge and also how you run your courses. If the dates are suitable and finances allow I will most certainly look to attend further courses with you.

Thanks once again for the high quality course. I hope to see you again in the future. Martyn, Deer In A Day Course

Spring Wild Food Forage

Dear Joe, Glenn and Anthony,
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for a fantastic time during last weekend's Wild Food Forage (Fri 8th to Sun 10th May).
We had a really really great weekend and thoroughly enjoyed everything we did. On looking through the photo's we took, we packed so much into the two days that it's impossible to say which was our favourite part. The knife skills and foraging knowledge were really valuable and we were pleasantly surprised to have remembered a lot more of the plant knowledge you gave us than we'd expected to. We also really enjoyed the food preparation & cooking and certainly didn't go hungry!!!!!
All course tutors were really nice and we found all to be very knowledgeable, friendly and interactive. We thought pace of the whole weekend was spot on and whilst all the people attending the course were encouraged to take part, no one felt they had to do anything they did not want to which was great.
We have recommended Wilderness Survival to lots of people already and will definitely look to come on another course as soon as we can.

Dominic and Clare, Spring Wild Food Day

24 Hour Survival Team Challenge

Hi Joe,
I just wanted to say a huge thanks to yourself and Glenn, who made the whole experience fantastic, the team have not stopped talking about it since, you were both friendly and approachable, and a bloody good laugh too !!
Thanks again to you both.

Sue, Body Shop Foundation - 24 hour survival team challenge

Private Stag Weekends

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you, Guy and Scotty. Firstly from me, thanks for making it run smoothly and for dealing with the group in such a relaxed professional way. Secondly on behalf of Dan who said it was exactly what he wanted and it ticked all the boxes. Thirdly from all the other guys some of who might not have found themselves in that situation otherwise, some who I think may have a new hobby now and from all of us for making a weekend such an enjoyable and worthwhile experience and one I am sure will be remembered for a very long time.
You and your team did a fantastic job, all our guys came up to me before leaving and said they had a great time and that they learnt loads. They said it in that very pleasantly surprised way!!! So, job done well done you guys!
Again many thanks and hope we can come and learn more form your team in the future.
All the best with the rest of the season.

James, Private Stag Weekend

Hi Joe, just wanted to drop you a line to say what a great weekend we all had on our Wilderness Survival stag weekend! It came together really well , everyone mucked in, got involved, everyone was up for it and the stag and everyone had a lot of fun. We'll highly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Mark, Private Stag weekend

Thank you very much for arranging an excellent day on Saturday. It was pitched at just the right level and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Will, Private Stag day

Unfortunately I've not found the time to thank you both promptly, the last two weekends have been rather busy!
Anyway, the wedding went really well last weekend and everyone talked about the great time we had with you. We all really appreciate the effort you made to give us such an excellent stag party. Hopefully we weren't too difficult to organise - you were very patient indeed with us and it felt like we managed to cram a huge amount into the 24 hours. Your 'catering' and general admin was superb and there was certainly no need for the cheese board we bought with us.
Thanks also for making sure we didn't leave any kit and for giving us the venison left-overs. Some of it is still in my freezer and it'll make a fantastic meal.

Ed, Stag Weekend

Bespoke booking

Hi Joe
Thanks so much for the photo, it's great! We all had a fantastic day on Saturday, definitely a 70th birthday to remember. Thanks to both you and Matt for all your help and enthusiasm.

Lisa & family - Bespoke booking - a foraging walk in the woods

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. I had a good time and really benefited from your advice and knowledge.

Helen, Bespoke training weekend